Photographic Tours in Switzerland

I have been travelling across this country several times hunting for the most beautiful scenery, architecture and nature.

Relying on this know-how and experience I am glad to put myself at the service of adventurous travel photographers and take them on guided photographic excursions.

Perfect opportunity for anyone planning to spend a weekend in Switzerland, wants to visit the best places and take the best photos in the short time available.

I can speak: English, German and Italian.

Flat fee* for up to 3 people traveling together (i.e. the fee can be divided by the number of participants):
  • One day: 900 Swiss Francs (ca. 950 $)
  • Two days: 1600 Swiss Francs (ca. 1700 $)
  • Three days: 2400 Swiss Francs (ca. 2500 $)
* In the price are included: ground transportation and my guidance/support.
Not included: accommodation, food, transportation from airport to the Hotel and viceversa, other kind of transportation such as cable car.
Program: I will pick you up at the hotel early morning and take you back to the hotel late evening, staying with you throughout the day as we move and shoot along the itinerary. Several and different itineraries are possible depending on particular interests and wishes.
More information available on request.